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Monday, March 3, 2008

Online Spelling Quiz

Hi Grade 3,

If you are going to Bogor Raya for the Spelling Bee you might like to practice using this test. It uses Australian spelling. Bogor Raya has informed us that they will accept British/Australian and American spelling. Can everyone have a try of this online test and put a comment here with your score.
Click this link to go to the test


carolcar said...

I got 1214
sorry I do this because my old computer is broken and the new one cannot print screen but there is the button when I press it and open paint when I click edit the button paste doesen't work.
But I do tell the truth.

Kayla said...

I got 1822 Mrs. Jane!
I never played a spelling bee online! Not in my old school too!

sabar said...

Excellent scores! Well done.

carolcar said...

the second time I played I got 1763!