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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Blog Quiz

All About Blogs

Hi Grade 3,
Can you answer these questions about blogs?
  1. What Blog host are we using in Grade 3?


  3. What site can Grade 3 get free templates from?

  4. Final Sense
    Pimp Your Blog
    Final Sence

  5. What must you change all of to change the template?

  6. HTML

  7. What Spelling Bee did Mrs. Jane post on her blog?

  8. Ozzy Speller
    American Speller
    Oz Speller

  9. What two main colours are the background of Mrs. Jane's blog?

  10. orange and blue
    red and balack
    black and red

  11. What is the name of Mrs. Jane's virtual pet?

  12. Riami

  13. How many people have blogs in Grade 3?

  14. 22

  15. Where did Mrs. Jane get her visitor map?

  16. Google Earth

  17. What score did Kayla get on the online Spelling Bee?

  18. 1566

  19. What is a good place to get Christian glitter pictures?


How did you go?


carolcar said...

I got 80/90 for this test.

yudhis said...

yudhis. i got 40 percent corect on this test.

Arviella said...

Mrs.Jane, you know I got 90/90 for the blog quiz.

Miranda P said...

Me Too!
I also got 90/90 percent!

Jane Ross said...

Good job everyone. Well done!