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Monday, March 17, 2008

JPEG Job Descriptions

JPEG Job Descriptions (23 students)

President Director
Manages the departments

Runs company meetings

Leads the company

Makes the big decisions

Plans the meetings

Make the announcements

Make updates to the JPEG blog

Vice President Director
Can lead the company when the Director is absent

Takes the minutes of company meetings
Must assist the Director

Checks the company emails

Posts the minutes on the JPEG blog

Head of Editing Department (1)
Makes the final edit before handing it to the teacher
Corrects the spelling and grammar of all written documents

Makes department updates for the JPEG blog

Edits all documents

Corrects spelling and grammar of the documents from all departments

Track Editors
Edits the recordings and oversees the timeline of each broadcast

Edits each segment and adds sound effects, music and jingles

Converts the final track into MP3 and uploads to

Posts new episodes to the JPEG blog

Marketing Department
Make the jingles

Makes the posters 

Updates the blog

They promote the radio station

Makes quizzes and competitions

Writes the scripts for their department

They must speak in between each segment

They make the show interesting by adding comments about each segment

Write the announcements

Report the news

Find the news Koran Berani, Kompas, Yahoo, ABC, Wikipedia
Writes SPH news

Conducts interviews

Show Hosts
Runs the show

Writes the show

Types of Possible Shows
Show hosts are needed for each.



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Michelle Pranoto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Pranoto said...

Wow, you will have a fun activity grade 3. I didn't remember all of the things that grade5 do when we were still in grade 3, but I remember that we do not have this kind of activity.

Jane Ross said...

You bet we have fun in Grade 3. Just like you had fun with the Billy Carts in Grade 5!

Michelle Pranoto said...

Oh, grade 5 really have fun on the Billy Cart day! Grade 3 keep on asking us how is it going? Especially my sister's friend. I think we are also going to have fun on our next activity with Dreamworld.