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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What we learned from playing the Surf Swell Island Game

Today Grade 3 played an Internet Safety game. We learned many new things:

Raymond - I learned to keep my full name a secret when online.
Jordaan - Don't use the Internet at home if there is nobody taking care of you.
Sammy - We should have a username for the Internet
Jeremy - Don't type or say bad words online
Kayla - Don't tell ANYONE our password (except Mum or Dad)
Carolyne - You should always write politely online
Moelan - Never meet someone that you have met online in person
Riam - 0:-) means angel
Abby - If our HP has Internet access it can also get a virus
Sammy - If we get a bad comment we should tell our Mum or Dad or our teacher.
Riam - If we get an email that we don't know, we should put it in the SPAM box

Internet Safety Game

Grade 3,

I would like you to play this game at home and show it to your parents.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pasar Rawa Bening

HI Grade 3, Here is the link to the Jakarta Gemstone Markets.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gemstone Homework

This week Grade 3 will need to find out about a famous gemstone. Write the story in your own words (1/2 page) and include a picture. Paste this work into your homework book.

Here is an example link: The Hope Diamond

Write about only one famous gemstone. Here are some more good links,