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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Speed Test

Today in Grade 3 we tested the speed of the Internet in the morning before lessons started. Here is a screen capture of the result. The speed was 277 kbps.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Famous Five Words

Words from Jessy
determined = to decide to do something and then try and try to do it
pleasant = something that is very nice and enjoyable
jolly = happy
term = a few months of time at school - like Quarter 3
holls = holidays
platform = the place at the train station where people get off and on the train
fond = to care "I am fond of you." means "I care for you."
shield = to protect
pranced = to jog or run in a way that is showing off
adored = really, really liked

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pictures from the Radio Podcast.

We captured these pictures from a ABC podcast about a radio station in Perth, Australia.

What we learned about radios.

A tuner can separate radio signals. Dennis
The first radio station in Australia is 80 years old. Sammy
The old radio needed a special key to make it work. Henry
Radio is a device to receive signals. Kayla
The Internet can help us to find radio stations. Abby
You must have an antenna on your radio to get the signal. Jordaan
In the olden days a radio was called a 'wireless'. Miranda
We need a tuner for a radio to work. Sammy
The olden day radio station used really big equipment. Riam
The station was called 6WF and now it is called 720. Jordaan
The station is located in Perth, Australia. Henry

How does a radio work?

How does a radio work?
Radio signals are made up of two kinds of waves: “audio” (or sound) waves represent the sounds being sent to the audience and radio frequency waves travel with these sound waves to "carry" them to radios in homes and car, for example. All waves have three parts: a wavelength, an amplitude and a frequency. Each of these parts can be changed to carry information.

Today in class we made a radio. We used the Kid Inventor kit to make it.

What we know about radios.

This is what the Grade 3 knew about radios before we did inquiry:
You can hear the news. Sammy
You can hear live shows. Raymond
Radios are communication tools. Abby
Radios play music. Yudhis
Radios use two antenna to work. Riam
You can carry a radio. Moelan
Sometimes radios need cables. Carol
There are many different sizes of radios. Riam
There are over 10.000 radio stations in the world. Raymond

We can request a song to be played. Miranda
We can hear a radio broadcast on a plane. Riam
A radio has a speaker. Abby
Radios come in many different colours. Moelan
Radios have been around for a long time. Jordaan
Radios have different shapes. Jessy

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Famous Five Words

Grade 3, Here are some words from Famous Five 4:

Jessica posted;
rne = me (typing error)
easter holiday = Liburan Paska
t do = to do (typing error)
daresay = to comment - "I daresay" = "I comment"
satisfied = puas
fiercely = dengan galak

Raymond posted;
Mrs.Jane what is smuggler?
To bring, take or put something secretly. A smuggler is a person who hides something. Like George is hiding Timmy.

Please keep posting your words here so that I can post the meanings.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Homework for this Week

Hi Grade 3,
This week you will read your second book. It is The Famous Five Go To Smugglers Top. This is a really interesting adventure. I still remember reading it. Can you leave a comment on this post if you find difficult words? I will use this blog to tell you what those words mean.
When I first read the Famous Five I didn't really understand all the words. The Famous Five comes from England and many of the words are British sayings. It's a great way to learn British English. You will find the more you read the easier it will get.
Shhhhhh I have already found the poem for Bookweek. It is really good. We will start to learn it on Monday. Bookweek is in April so let's start getting ready early. I will have auditions for the main characters.

Blogging Homework

Hi Grade 3,
I want to give marks for your Famous Five Chapter Summary on your blog. Please make sure that you put this on your blog by Wednesday. Soon we will be learning about how to use a new communication tool so keep checking the blog each day. Remember, we have lessons in the Computer Lab on Monday so hang on to your questions.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Grade 3 Inquiry into Blogging

Here are some questions from Grade 3 about Blogging
How do you put a visitor’s map in your blog?
How do you pt a clock and calendar on your blog?
How do I put a virtual pet on my blog?
How to put a video safely on your blog?
How do you put a game on your blog?
How do I put an avatar on my blog?
How do you make a hyperlink?
How do you move your picture around on your blog?
How do you upload a picture to your blog?
How do you change your blog template?
Who invented blogging?
How do I delete my blog?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Parent Workshop

Thanks for the fast feedback about the Blog/Internet Parent Workshop. I will discuss this with Ibu Jenny next so that I can set a date. For now I'd suggest that parents take a look at the Grade 3 Class Blog last year Grade 3 2006/07

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blog Tasks for this Week

HI Grade 3,
This week on your blog you need to put your Paper Book and Ebook reflection with pictures. You also need to add a virtual pet and change your blog template. You might want to add a glitter picture also in the sidebar.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How do you put a picture on your blog?

Hi Grade 3,
It seems that some of you can't wait until our next lesson in the labcom on Monday. Here is what I will do. I will explain how to put a picture on your blog. You will be asked next week to go to which is an online classroom. There I can tell you all about blogging. For now you can go to the link PICTURES to learn how to put a picture on your blog.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Avatar

Here is another avatar. The link is here AVATAR You can also make boy avatars here. You can make the doll by clicking on the pictures of hair or body to change it. When your doll avatar is finished you can save as a gif by clicking the middle button under the picture. You will be taken to another page where you can download the picture to your computer. It will be sent to 'downloads' which is on your C drive.

Blogs in Grade 3

Today we learned how to make a blog. All students will need to have a blog in this UOI. Some students had difficulty because they couldn't remember their email password. Please make a new blog everyone. You can see the Grade 3 blogs on the sidebar.
Your first blog task is to make your blog and to tell Mrs. Jane the URL.
Your second task is to make an avatar. What is an avatar? Go to wikipedia to find out AVATAR
Here is an easy avatar maker. You don't have to register. Here is the link AVATAR MAKER When you get good at making that kind you can try a harder one.

Welcome to Blogging!

Today Grade 3 made a blog. We have a user policy so that we can be more aware of how to use the blogs carefully.

Blog Authorized Use Policy

1. Never put your phone numbers, full name or house address in your blogs.

2. Always use your best manners (netiquette) when posting messages on your friend's blogs.

3. Tell Mrs Jane, Ibu Shirley or your parents if you get any strange comments posted on your blog that you don't understand.

4. Never tell anyone your password (except Mum and Dad or your teacher - they should know)

5. Remember to keep safe on the Internet by trashing spam without opening it or emptying your bulk folder regularly.

6. The information on the Internet can be true and false so don't believe everything - use your own inquiry skills by asking other people and checking your sources.

7. Always ask Mum and Dad first before going on line. 

8. Only post free animations and images. Make sure that you don't use something from a CD unless it is a free image. You don't want to break copyright!

9. Write using your own words - don't copy and paste!

10. Consider carefully what personal photos you publish on your blogs as the Internet can be accessed by anyone.

All parents and students are asked to sign this policy. This is to make sure that everyone understands the blogging rules. The Internet is a wonderful tool but it must be used carefully. Children need guidance to learn how to use it properly. This blog program in Grade 3 has been designed to introduce how to use the Internet responsibly. The teachers need parents to help monitor the child's Internet usage at home. Please contact the class teachers if you have any further questions about this program.

Famous Five Ebook Podcast

The Grade 3 are busy making a podcast ebook of the Famous Five. Here is a list of the jobs to be done. We will record each chapter summary and put it all together for our digital portfolio.
1 A great surprise (Packing the car - Yudhis)
2 The strange cousin (Sammy)
3 A queer story—and a new friend (Corneille)
4 An exciting afternoon (Arvie)
5 A visit to the island (Carolyne)
6 What the storm did (Jessy)
7 Back to Kirrin cottage (Jessica)
8 Exploring the wreck (Inside - Miranda)
9 The box from the wreck (Jordaan)
10 An astonishing offer (Jeremy)
11 Off to Kirrin island (Boarding the boat - Abby)
12 Exciting discoveries (Priska)
13 Down in the dungeons (Dea)
14 Prisoners! (Kayla)
15 Dick to the rescue! (Henry)
16 A plan— and a narrow escape (Nabila)
17 The end of the great adventure (Riam)
Theo - Georgina
Dennis - Dick
Fio - Timmy
Moelan - Anne
Raymond - Uncle Quentin

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What If Clip