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Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to Blogging!

Today Grade 3 made a blog. We have a user policy so that we can be more aware of how to use the blogs carefully.

Blog Authorized Use Policy

1. Never put your phone numbers, full name or house address in your blogs.

2. Always use your best manners (netiquette) when posting messages on your friend's blogs.

3. Tell Mrs Jane, Ibu Shirley or your parents if you get any strange comments posted on your blog that you don't understand.

4. Never tell anyone your password (except Mum and Dad or your teacher - they should know)

5. Remember to keep safe on the Internet by trashing spam without opening it or emptying your bulk folder regularly.

6. The information on the Internet can be true and false so don't believe everything - use your own inquiry skills by asking other people and checking your sources.

7. Always ask Mum and Dad first before going on line. 

8. Only post free animations and images. Make sure that you don't use something from a CD unless it is a free image. You don't want to break copyright!

9. Write using your own words - don't copy and paste!

10. Consider carefully what personal photos you publish on your blogs as the Internet can be accessed by anyone.

All parents and students are asked to sign this policy. This is to make sure that everyone understands the blogging rules. The Internet is a wonderful tool but it must be used carefully. Children need guidance to learn how to use it properly. This blog program in Grade 3 has been designed to introduce how to use the Internet responsibly. The teachers need parents to help monitor the child's Internet usage at home. Please contact the class teachers if you have any further questions about this program.