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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Homework for this Week

Hi Grade 3,
This week you will read your second book. It is The Famous Five Go To Smugglers Top. This is a really interesting adventure. I still remember reading it. Can you leave a comment on this post if you find difficult words? I will use this blog to tell you what those words mean.
When I first read the Famous Five I didn't really understand all the words. The Famous Five comes from England and many of the words are British sayings. It's a great way to learn British English. You will find the more you read the easier it will get.
Shhhhhh I have already found the poem for Bookweek. It is really good. We will start to learn it on Monday. Bookweek is in April so let's start getting ready early. I will have auditions for the main characters.


jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessica said...

rne,easter holiday, t do daresay, satisfied,firecely

Raymond grade three said...

Mrs.Jane what is smuggler?from Raymond

yudhis said...

Hello Mrs.Jane, this is Yudhis. What does:sooty,piere,gale and vigoursly mean? Thank you. Yudhis

sammy said...

Hi it is me, Sammy mrs jane Idon't know what does these words mean:

rne,determined, smuggler, sall, pooh, term, platform, fond, pranced