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Monday, February 11, 2008

Famous Five Ebook Podcast

The Grade 3 are busy making a podcast ebook of the Famous Five. Here is a list of the jobs to be done. We will record each chapter summary and put it all together for our digital portfolio.
1 A great surprise (Packing the car - Yudhis)
2 The strange cousin (Sammy)
3 A queer story—and a new friend (Corneille)
4 An exciting afternoon (Arvie)
5 A visit to the island (Carolyne)
6 What the storm did (Jessy)
7 Back to Kirrin cottage (Jessica)
8 Exploring the wreck (Inside - Miranda)
9 The box from the wreck (Jordaan)
10 An astonishing offer (Jeremy)
11 Off to Kirrin island (Boarding the boat - Abby)
12 Exciting discoveries (Priska)
13 Down in the dungeons (Dea)
14 Prisoners! (Kayla)
15 Dick to the rescue! (Henry)
16 A plan— and a narrow escape (Nabila)
17 The end of the great adventure (Riam)
Theo - Georgina
Dennis - Dick
Fio - Timmy
Moelan - Anne
Raymond - Uncle Quentin