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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goodbye Grade 3

I have really enjoyed teaching all of you this year. I will come back when I can to SPH to visit but until then I will email you my new blog after I start it at Sinarmas World School. IF you want to learn more about my new school you can click here

Please leave a comment at this post about your year in Grade 3.


sammy said...

Bye Mrs.Jane I hope you will still meet us okay.I miss you

Jessy said...

Thankyou mrs.jane for teaching us
(sigh) I wish you change your mind

jeremy said...

Thankyou for teaching us and I will miss you mrs.Jane. please remember us.please visit us sometimes mrs.Jane.

dennis said...

Mrs jane I hope you will stay teaching us. Please in the futurecan you come back and teach us. We will also miss you. goodbye.
From dennis

Henry said...

Thank you mrs Jane for teaching me in Grade1 and 3.

Arviella said...

Bye mrs.jane. please come and visit me. I will remember everything you teach me. thank you for teaching me in grade 1 and 3. I have so much fun learning with you. I really will miss you.

Kayla said...

Thank you for teaching me mrs. jane. Good luck teaching in your new school. (sigh) I wish you already talked to ibu Shirley so we can go to sinarmas. Bye-bye.

yudhis said...


bye mrs jane i really miss you i still remember what evouloution that i need to in grade 4 an thankyou teaching in grade 1 and 3.
i apreciate you .thanyou

nabila said...

bye mrs jane i nabila will say goodbye to you forever.... i hope you will be happy in there like teaching us. And i will miss riam to. mrsjane I hope you will miss us all . Could you come and visit us again in the future. i'm so sad that you go I wnat you to come back. bye mrsjane do not forgeot us later if you are already in the new school. I will visit you if it is holidaytime. bye :-(

Henry said...

Mrs Jane Do You have facebook?

If Yes add me please

Miranda P said...

Dear Mrs.Jane,

I really enjoy spending time with you I hope we will meet soon. Thank you for eerything you have thought me. I really miss you. And one more thing we won again for the choral reading this year! WE WON THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Yay!