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Monday, May 5, 2008

The 10 Most Important Things That I Have Learned.

1. Love
2. Talk
3. Walk
4. Read
5. Write
6. Use a computer
7. Swim
8. Communicate in Indonesian
9. Ride a bike
10. Drive a car


Anonymous said...

Nice 10 things you learned

Raymond grade three said...


carolcar said...

wow mrsjane! so you know how to love monsters if there are?
ha...ha...ha.. well I want to know!
pplleeaassee.... Thank you!

Kayla said...

So do you know to communicate in Indonesian language now? Tell me pleaseeeee?

Jane Ross said...

Halo Kayla,
Memang saya bisa bahasa Indonesia. Baru tahu ya.

Arviella said...

nice 10 things mrs.Jane. I just knew you could drive a car and speak Indonesian.

Miranda P said...

I didn't know you could drive a car mrs. Jane???????????????????????????????????????
So can I see you drive a car sometime?