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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charlotte's Web

Today the Grade 3 started their new novel study. We are now reading the book "Charlotte's Web".

1. Who is the little girl?
2. Where did the father find the pig?
Hog House
3. Who is the author of Charlotte's Web?
E.B. White
4. What did the father have in his hand when Fern was eating breakfast?
An axe
5. How old is Fern?
8 years old
6. What did Fern do to stop her father killing the pig?
She grabbed the axe and she asked if I was born small, would you have killed me?
7. Who is Arable?
Arable is their family name.
8. What did Fern do before she ate her breakfast?
She fed the pig.
9. How big was Fern's pig?
No bigger than a white rat.
10. What did Fern name the pig?

We are very excited to read this story. We are now creating a full wall display down the side of our classroom that will be all about Charlotte's Web.