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Monday, September 17, 2007

Inspired by Nature

Our Inventions - Nature

Grade 3, You can choose three inventions to study from this list. You will need to make a presentation about them using PowerPoint. The presentations will be due next week. We will write the rubric in class in our next UOI lesson.

Camera (lens, focus, iris, film) - Eye (cornea curves to focus, iris, retina)
Microphone - Ear drum
Amphitheatre shape - Outer ear shape
Pump - Heart
Valves - Heart valves
Plumbing and hydraulic systems - Circulatory system
Communication / telephone cables - Spinal cord / nervous system
Ball joint- Shoulder joint
Windshield wiper - Eye lid
Wiper fluid - Tears
Knife - Incisor teeth
Mortar and pestle - Molar teeth
Woodwinds - Voice box
Computer / Electronic circuitry - Brain
Computer program - DNA
Bubble level - Inner ear tubes for balance
Construction crane (jointed arm, scoop) - Arm and hand
Honeycomb reinforcements - Bee's honeycomb
Solar panel (energy from light) - Leaf
Fish hook (reverse barb design) - Bee stinger
Light stick (light from chemical reactions) - Firefly
Airplanes (airfoil wings, hollow struts, tail) - Birds (airfoil wings, hollow bones, tail)
Submarine ballast - Fish (ballast bladder)
Sonar - Bats, dolphins
Paper from wood pulp - Wasp hives
Velcro - Thistle burrs (actually inspired Velcro)
Blu-blocker sunglasses - Orange oil in eagle eyes to improve acuity
Suction cups - Octopus
Inboard propulsion (boats) - Squid
Batteries (electricity from chemicals) - Eel
Navigation by stars / magnetic fields - Bird and butterfly migration
Music - Song birds
Anesthetics - Venoms and poisons
Swim fins, paddles - Webbed feet (frogs, ducks)
Water cooled systems - Sweat glands and perspiration
Core aeration for health of lawns - Worms, insects and moles
Hypodermic syringe - Snake fangs, also mechanism used by viruses to inject into cells
Antibiotic medicines - Immune system
Hydraulic shock absorbers - Knee joints
Dust filter - Nostril hairs
VCR, magnetic storage media - Memory, recording/viewing images
Gyroscope, top - Planetary rotation
Magnets - Lodestone
Internet - Brain, also Society
Mirror - Reflection on water
Wheel - Animals that curl and roll (armadillo)
Barb wire fences - Briar bushes, thorns
Bridge supports and weight distribution - Elephant / Dinosaur skeletal framework
Robots - Humans
Nuclear energy or bomb (fusion) / Lamp - Sun
Electric and propulsion motors - Mechanical components of flagellum of bacteria & protozoan
Theme Parks - Nature / State Parks
Helicopter - Bumblebee / Hummingbird / Maple seed pods
Camouflage clothing - Camouflage skin and fur, chameleons
Armor - Exoskeletons
Movies, cast, film crew, director - Life, people, angels, subconscious
Night lights / street lights
The stars and the moon
Baby formula - Breast milk
Pulleys, fulcrums, and levers - Foot joints and ligaments
Smoke detectors - Noses
Cup - Cupped hands
Fishing net - Spider's web
Magnifying glass - Droplet of water
Snowshoes - Penguin's feet
Beaver dams - Water dams
Dreams - Movies
Circular appearance of sun and moon - Wheel
Pliers, tongs - Lobster/crab claws
Hang gliders - Butterflies